crazyrabbitgirl (crazyrabbitgirl) wrote,

Haven't written in a while

It's been a long time since I've posted which is ridiculous because I love reading your post and staying in touch. So I will start to contribute more.
On monday my purse got stolen off the hood of my car out of my driveway. I live in the boonies so it's really surprising and I feel violated. They got my wallet with all ids and money cards, camera, cell phone, keys, nail kit that my sister gave me for christmas seven years ago, keychains made for me in high school. Locks have been changed, accounts cancelled, police called. They made off with twenty five dollars. I have been so angry because it was stupid. I would have given them the money. I missed my first day of school because I was changing everything. And my professor didn't extend the thursday due date on work for my women in violence in films. It's irritating.
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