crazyrabbitgirl (crazyrabbitgirl) wrote,

Not too depressing I think...

I haven't been on for a while and I'm sure that my two readers probably think that I jumped live journal ship but that is not the case! I'm doing pretty well lately, trying to stay sane and productive which sometimes is easier said than done. I got two a's and a b last quarter and I'm hoping for three a's this quarter. School is stressful but not unmanageably so. I like my classes for the most part and find it interesting to learn the different aspects of psychology. My favorite is I/O psychology which is the study of people in the workplace. I know I'm a nerd but I find it rather fascinating. My job at Staples is going fairly well but my hours got cut so I'm going to be poor for a few months/ :( and Brittany doesn't do well poor. Speaking of which I just bought a few things on ebay that I don't need but it happened.

I'm not dating right now because I'm tired of guys. A lot of hurtful things that most of you know about have happened in the past and I'm not going to put myself out there again. I've started thinking that some people don't get married or have a committed relationship. First it's statistically impossible when you think about the ratio of men to women and take away the gay men, the taken men, the men that live in China. So maybe there isn't someone out there for me and maybe I need to start getting okay with that fact.
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