crazyrabbitgirl (crazyrabbitgirl) wrote,

So I'm back..

I finally ended my two year hiatus and I"m back at Wright State. Leaving was one of the hardest things I ever had to do because I knew that I was leaving relationships and that not all of those relationships would survive. Thank God, the one with Marie did. It's been hard not seeing the same people on campus and being with them but they are gone now. When I was gone fixing my life, they were here living theirs. In some instances I will never know what I lost because I didn't have a great close relationship with those people but in some cases, I feel the loss very very deeply. For a lot of the people in FMLA I loved them like family and I haven't seen or heard from a lot of them in two years. I hope they know that I loved them and will always always miss their presence in my life and if our lives are joined again, that would be awesome. I broke up with Zach when I was home and that unbearably hard. I thought I had found the perfect person to be with, the one that completed me and it crumbled apart in my hand. I still talk to him but I will never get that closeness back. I'm still living at home and it's hard being with my parents but it's a necessary evil. I'm going to be updating my live journal more regularly now that I'm back with non dial up internet and I look forward to reading all of yours.
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