crazyrabbitgirl (crazyrabbitgirl) wrote,

At Home

It's been weird being at home for this long of time. I went to Fairborn a few weeks ago and it was so unbelievably hard to be by the campus. I wanted to cry and scream. When Michael Kimmel came to Wright State last year, he talked about quanitity time versus quality time and I agreed with him. You truly get to know people when you spend time with them. Not an hour here and there, but real time. When they fall asleep in your bed (Mike) and you can watch them drift off, or do homework with you in your room (Marie) or watch every single one of your stupid dances (Stacey). I miss you guys, I really do and I am going to be better about calling you. It's unbelievable about the minutes that I miss, the moments that made up our friendships and it cuts me do this day,that I had to leave all that.
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